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Mark the stress in russian words with a ' character behind the vowel, e.g. ру'чки, this will be converted to ру́чки. Leave out the stress when it is unambiguous, which is when the word contains ё or only one vowel (the vowels are а, я, э, е, ы, и, о, ё, у and ю).


noun, female, inanimate
very rarely used word (#31008)

Noun basics

Noun gender partner (e.g. кошка for кот):
Is it living?:


Separate translations by commata. New major meaning should get a new line entry.
The examples in this format please: Ру'сский текст - english text
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Usage Info

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nom. nominative насме́шливость насме́шливости
gen. genitive насме́шливости насме́шливостей
dat. dative насме́шливости насме́шливостям
acc. accusative насме́шливость насме́шливости
inst. instrumental насме́шливостью насме́шливостями
prep. prepositional насме́шливости насме́шливостях

Related Words

Related Words

  • смешно́й



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