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Most common russian words

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Rank Russian Translation
1 и and
2 в in, at, into, to, for, on, within
3 не not, without, no, none
4 на on, upon, on to, in, at, to, towards, by, with, for, worth, into, here, here you are, take it
5 что what, which, that, anything, why
6 тот that, the other, the right
7 быть be
8 с with, and, from, of, since, beginning from, in, on, at, the size of, about
9 а while, and, but, yet, if, ah, oh, oh well
10 весь all, the whole of, everything, everybody, everyone, no more left
11 как how, what, suddenly, all of a sudden, as, like, when, since
12 по on, along, by, according to, through, in, at, to, up to
13 но but
14 к to, towards, for, by
15 у by, with, of
16 из from, out of, of, in
17 за behind, over, beyond, the other side of, outside, beyond the bounds, at, in, after, for, fetch, buy, because of, enough for, as, during, within, at a distance of, by
18 так so, thus, like this, this way, then
19 же and, as for, but
20 сказа́ть say, tell, speak, talk, indicate, point, be evidence, betoken, mean
21 от from, away from, of, to, for
22 э́тот this
23 кото́рый which, who, that
24 мочь be able, can
25 о of, about, on, with, -ed, against, upon, oh, O
26 челове́к man, person
27 ещё still, yet, as far back as, as long ago as, only, some more
28 бы would
29 тако́й such, so, that sort of
30 только only, merely, solely, but
31 себя ourselves, yourselves, himself, herself, itself, themselves
32 како́й what, how, which, what kind of
33 для for, to, on the occasion of
34 уже already, by this time, by now, now, no longer
35 когда when, while, as
36 кто who, that, some
37 вот there, here, there is
38 да yes, fancy, but, oh but, and
39 год year
40 знать know, be aware, be acquainted, have a knowledge, aristocracy, nobility, the elite, evidently, it seems
41 если if
42 до C, do, to, down to, up to, as far as, till, until, under, not over, no more than, about, some, before
43 говори́ть say, tell, speak, talk, indicate, point, be evidence, betoken, mean
44 или or
45 мой my, mine, my people
46 вре́мя time, times, tense
47 рука́ hand, arm, handwriting
48 са́мый the very, most
49 нет no, yes, but, not, there is no, there are no, is not, are not
50 ни not a
<< >> 1..50 of 58144
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