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Appearance - Вне́шность

Hair - Во́лосы

блонди́н blonde
блонди́нка blonde
брюне́т dark man
брюне́тка brunette, dark woman, dark girl
ры́жий red, red-haired, ginger, chestnut, rust-coloured, reddish-brown, circus clown
кашта́новый chestnut
кудря́вый curly, frizzy, curly-headed, leafy, bushy, ornate, flowery, full of flourishes
волни́стый wavy, corrugated
прямо́й straight, upright, erect, through, direct, straightforward, frank, sincere, real

Face - Лицо́

рот mouth
нос nose, beak, bow, head, prow
щека́ cheek
лоб forehead, brow
бровь eyebrow, brow
ресни́ца eyelash
висо́к temple
ро́динка birthmark, mole
подборо́док chin
заты́лок back of the head, occiput, neck
глаз eye

Body type - Телосложе́ние

по́лный full, packed, complete, total, absolute, corpulent, plump, obese
то́лстый thick, heavy, stout, fat, corpulent
худо́й lean, thin, skinny, emaciated
стро́йный slender, slim, svelte, well-proportioned, well-composed, harmonious
корена́стый thickset, stumpy, stocky, with strong roots
худоща́вый lean, thin
атлетичный athletic
рост height, stature, growth, increase, rise, development, upgrowth
вес weight, influence, authority
высо́кий high, tall, lofty, elevated, high-pitched
невысо́кий not high, low, short, shortish, not tall
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