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Rank Russian Translation
1 челове́к man, person
2 вре́мя time, times, tense
3 рука́ hand, arm, handwriting
4 де́ло affair, business, pursuit, cause, deed, act, work, things, matter, case, file, dossier, battle, fighting
5 раз time, one, once, one day, since
6 глаз eye
7 день day, afternoon
8 жизнь life, existence
9 тут here, now
10 голова́ head, mind, brains, chief, master
11 друг friend
12 дом house, home, house-hold
13 сло́во word, speech
14 ме́сто place, spot, site, locality, region, area, scene, room, space, job, position, piece of luggage
15 лицо́ face, the right side, person
16 сторона́ side, party, land, place, parts, aspect, slant
17 нога́ foot, leg
18 рабо́та work, working, job
19 пе́ред before, in front of, to, compared to, front, fore-part
20 дверь door
21 коне́ц end, ending
22 го́род town, city, hope
23 го́лос voice, part, vote
24 час hour, time, hours
25 уж really
26 земля́ earth, the Earth, land, soil
27 си́ла strength, force, power
28 вода́ water
29 слу́чай case, occasion, chance, opportunity, event, incident, occurrence
30 стол table, board, diet, cooking, cuisine, department, section
31 маши́на machine, engine, mechanism, machinery, car, lorry
32 мир world, universe, the world, village community, peace
33 ночь night
34 же́нщина woman, women, womanfolk, womankind
35 ребёнок child, infant
36 вид appearance, look, aspect, semblance, form, shape, state, prospects, intention, kind, sort, species, sight, view, views
37 оте́ц father
38 вопро́с question, matter, issue, problem
39 страна́ country, land
40 война́ war, warfare
41 де́ньги money, funds, cash
42 мину́та minute, moment
43 това́рищ comrade, friend, companion, colleague, Comrade, assistant, under-
44 пра́вда truth, justice, true, though
45 часть part, share, portion, some, department, unit, police-station
46 доро́га road, way, journey
47 свет light, world, society
48 жена́ wife, woman
49 окно́ window, casement-window, window-sill, gap, opening, port, slot, free period, break
50 мать mother
<< >> 1..50 of 13304
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