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Most common russian verbs

Sorted by their frequency of occurrence

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Rank Russian Translation
1 быть be
2 сказа́ть say, tell, speak, talk, indicate, point, be evidence, betoken, mean
3 мочь be able, can
4 знать know, be aware, be acquainted, have a knowledge, aristocracy, nobility, the elite, evidently, it seems
5 говори́ть say, tell, speak, talk, indicate, point, be evidence, betoken, mean
6 стать begin, come, become
7 есть eat, there is, there are
8 хоте́ть to want
9 ви́деть see
10 идти́ to start, to be used, to leave, to come, to come out, to go, to go by, to stretch, to fall, to proceed, to go on, to pass, to enter, to become, to sell, to suit, to be on
11 стоя́ть stand, be, lie, be situated, stop, be stagnant, be at, come to a standstill
12 ду́мать think, consider, reflect, ponder, believe, intend, have the intention, hope, plan, be concerned
13 спроси́ть ask, inquire, demand, want, desire to speak, make responsible
14 жить live
15 смотре́ть look, watch
16 име́ть have
17 поня́ть understand, comprehend, realize
18 сиде́ть sit, be perched, be, fit
19 де́лать make, do
20 сде́лать make, do
21 взять take, hire
22 понима́ть understand, comprehend, realize
23 каза́ться seem, appear, strike as, look
24 нача́ть begin, start, commence
25 уви́деть see
26 дава́ть give
27 пойти́ go, walk
28 оста́ться remain, stay, be left
29 вы́йти go out, alight, get out, appear, be published, be issued, run out, be up, come, make, be, be by origin, leave, drop out, look, face, front, open, give
30 дать give
31 рабо́тать work, operate
32 оказа́ться to turn out to be, to be found to be
33 отве́тить answer, reply, respond
34 поду́мать think a little, for a while
35 люби́ть love, like, be fond, need, require, thrive
36 зна́чить mean, signify
37 ждать wait, expect, await
38 посмотре́ть look, watch
39 найти́ find
40 лежа́ть lie, be situated
41 реши́ть decide, determine, resolve, be determined, solve
42 получи́ть receive, get, obtain
43 писа́ть write, paint
44 пи́сать pee, piss
45 верну́ться return
46 счита́ть consider, deem, find, think, count, compute
47 по́мнить remember, keep in mind
48 помни́ть to think, to consider, to imagine
49 узна́ть know, knew, learn, find out, get to know
50 прийти́ come, arrive
<< >> 1..50 of 13908
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