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Most common russian adjectives

Sorted by their frequency of occurrence

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Rank Russian Translation
1 тот that, the other, the right
2 весь all, the whole of, everything, everybody, everyone, no more left
3 э́тот this
4 кото́рый which, who, that
5 тако́й such, so, that sort of
6 како́й what, how, which, what kind of
7 мой my, mine, my people
8 са́мый the very, most
9 большо́й big, large, great, important, grown-up
10 друго́й other, another, different, another thing, something else, others, the rest
11 свой my your his her our their own
12 сам ourselves, yourself, thyself, yourselves, himself, herself, itself, themselves
13 пе́рвый first, front, former, earliest
14 до́лжный due, proper
15 но́вый new, novel
16 ка́ждый each, every, everyone
17 хоро́ший good, beautiful, handsome
18 ну́жный necessary, need, want
19 после́дний last, new, the latest, definitive, lowest, worst, the latter, the last
20 второ́й second, the latter
21 ста́рый old, ancient, the old, the past
22 твой your, yours, thy, thine, your people
23 бе́лый white
24 гла́вный main, chief, principal, head
25 никако́й no, none
26 не́который some, some people
27 далёкий distant, remote, far, far-away, long, dissimilar, with little in common, by no means inclined
28 ма́ленький small, little, diminutive, slight, young, baby, child
29 сове́тский Soviet
30 ру́сский Russian
31 по́лный full, packed, complete, total, absolute, corpulent, plump, obese
32 любо́й any, every, anyone, either
33 изве́стный well-known, known, famous, notorious, certain
34 о́бщий general, common, mutual, aggregate, total
35 про́шлый past, bygone, last
36 похо́жий resembling, alike, like
37 кра́сный red
38 высо́кий high, tall, lofty, elevated, high-pitched
39 ра́нний early
40 це́лый intact, safe, whole, entire
41 молодо́й young, youthful, new, bridegroom
42 огро́мный enormous, huge, vast
43 настоя́щий present, real, genuine, true, regular, complete, utter
44 живо́й living, live, alive, lively, animated, brisk, wide-awake, vivacious
45 чёрный black
46 со́бственный own
47 ра́зный different, diverse, various
48 тре́тий third
49 вели́кий great, the Great, Grand
50 сле́дующий next, following
<< >> 1..50 of 9318
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