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House - Дом

Room - Ко́мната

ку́хня kitchen, cook-house, galley, cooking, cuisine, machinations
спа́льня bedroom, bedroom suite
гости́ная drawing-room, sitting-room, reception-room, lounge, drawing-room suite
гара́ж garage
ко́мната room
сад garden
газо́н lawn, grass-plot
ва́нная bathroom
детская child's room, children's room
вход entrance, entry
вы́ход way out, exit, outlet, egress, emergence, withdrawal
дверь door

Furniture - Ме́бель

крова́ть bed, bedstead
дива́н divan, sofa, settee
стол table, board, diet, cooking, cuisine, department, section
стул chair, stool
шкаф cupboard, dresser
комо́д chest of drawers, locker, tallboy
кре́сло arm-chair, easy chair, stall

Appliances - Бытова́я те́хника

холоди́льник refrigerator, fridge, wine-cooler, cold store, condenser
кофева́рка percolator, coffee-machine
кондиционе́р air-conditioner
телеви́зор television set, TV set
ми́ксер mixer
печь stove, oven, furnace, bake, be hot
соковыжима́лка squeezer, juicer
суши́лка drying apparatus, dryer, drying-room
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