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House - Дом

Room - Ко́мната

ку́хня kitchen, cook-house, galley, cooking, cuisine, machinations
спа́льня bedroom, bedroom suite
гости́ная living room, drawing room, sitting room, parlour, reception room
гара́ж garage
ко́мната room
сад garden
газо́н lawn, grass-plot
ва́нная bathroom
детская child's room, children's room
вход entrance, entry
вы́ход way out, exit, outlet, egress, emergence, withdrawal
дверь door

Furniture - Ме́бель

крова́ть bed, bedstead
дива́н divan, sofa, settee
стол table, desk, board, diet, cooking, cuisine, department, section
стул chair, stool
шкаф cupboard, dresser
комо́д chest of drawers, locker, tallboy
кре́сло arm-chair, easy chair, stall

Appliances - Бытова́я те́хника

холоди́льник refrigerator, fridge, wine-cooler, cold store, condenser
кофева́рка percolator, coffee-machine
кондиционе́р air-conditioner
телеви́зор television set, TV set
ми́ксер mixer
печь bake
соковыжима́лка squeezer, juicer
суши́лка drying apparatus, dryer, drying-room
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