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  • 1.


    Also: down, through, across

    Example: Я иду́ по у́лице. - I'm walking down the street.

    Info: по + Location of walking, going in dative case

  • 2.


    Also: under, for

    Example: Учебник по фи́зике. - Physics book.

    Info: по + object in dative case

  • 3.

    by the means of

    Also: on

    Example: Говори́ть по телефо́ну - to talk on the phone

    Info: по + object in dative case

  • 4.

    hit or punch somewhere

    Example: Он уда́рил меня́ по лицу́. - He punched me in the face.

    Info: по + hit region in dative case

  • 5.

    after a certain age

    Example: Дееспосо́бность возника́ет у лица́ по достиже́нии 18 лет. - A person acquires legal capacity at the age of 18.

  • 6.

    to (indicating to the end or limit of an object)

    Example: Я всади́л штык по ду́ло ружья́. - I stuck a bayonet to the muzzle of the gun.

    Info: по + accusative case

  • 7.

    on the subject of

    Also: on

    Info: +prepositional

Usage info

По + dative: (i) With nouns that denote means of communication (ii) In the meaning ‘according to’, ‘by’ etc (iii) To denote a criterion for judgment (iv) To denote a target, especially a moving or diffuse target (v) To define the ‘frame of reference’ of persons, groups, objects etc.: (vi) With ordinal numerals, to denote position in a scale of dimensions or priorities:




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