Russian Dictionary
Мы стреми́мся к ми́ру. 🕊️

for russian

  • в

    in, at, on, within

    to, into, for

  • на

    on (place)

    on (day/week)

    on (means of transport)

    to (direction)

    onto, upon (direction), against (something)

    at (location)


  • по

    along, down, through, across

    about, under, for

    by the means of, on

    hit or punch somewhere

    after a certain age

    to (indicating to the end or limit of an object)

    on the subject of, on

  • за


    at (location)

    at (direction)

    for (in support of)

    for (mistake for)

    for (reason)

    for (duration)

    following after, chasing after

    over (a certain age)

    beyond, on the far side of

    out of (location)

  • от

    from (away)

    from (part of a whole)

    from (cause)

    from (distance)

    from (someone)

    from (range)

    for, against a purpose


  • для

    for (the benefit of)


  • под




    to go down/below

    to go/put under something

    (impression, affection)

    over, for

  • пе́рвый

    first, front, former, earliest

  • си́ла

    power, might, strength, force

    vigor, vigour, intensity

    energy, efficacy, ability

  • поду́мать

    to think a little, for a while

    to consider, reflect, ponder

  • про

    about, concerning, for

  • заче́м

    what for, why

  • быва́ть

    to be to happen to be to exist to meet (to be caught) usually with negation

    used as farewell greeting

    Visit someone something spend some time there(Per)

    Stay for some time in some state(position)(Per)

    Participate in something for a while(Per)

  • давно́

    how long, long ago, for a long time

  • до́лго

    a long time, for a long time

  • нельзя́

    one cannot, you can't, it's impossible

    one should not, it is not allowed, one must not (it is prohibited / forbidden)

  • лес

    woods, forest

    timber, lumber (singular only)

    scaffolding, (plural only)

    much, many (figurative)

  • успе́ть

    to have time, in time

    to manage, to succeed

    to arrive in time (for)

    to catch

  • смерть


    (emphatic with как) dying for

  • власть

    authority, authorities, power

    rule, regime


    (law) force (legal validity)

  • о́браз

    shape, form

    appearance, look, image

    style, type


    way, mode, manner


  • ко

    to, towards

    by, for

  • забы́ть

    to forget

    to neglect

    to leave, forget to bring or take

    to let it go, let it slip

  • зате́м

    then, after that, thereupon, upon which, subsequently, for that reason

  • проси́ть

    to request, ask for

    to ask a favour, ask for

    to beg, pray

  • бро́сить

    to throw

    to send urgently

    to give up, to quit, to leave off

    to abandon, to forsake

  • наприме́р

    for example, for instance

  • отвеча́ть

    to answer, reply, respond

    to be responsible for, accountable for, liable for

    to account for, answer for

    to be held to account for, called to account for

  • явля́ться

    to be

    to form, to form part

    to report in person, turn up, appear

  • иска́ть

    to look for, search, seek

    to sue (law)

  • поря́док

    order of magnitude

    order, sequence

    order, procedure, manner, way, form

    order, regime, system

    (plural) customs, usages, observances

  • а́рмия

    army, forces, host

  • ско́рый

    quick, fast, swift

    near, forthcoming

    (rail transport) express

  • наве́рное

    probably, maybe, most likely

    for sure, certainly

  • фо́рма

    form, shape, mound

    form (document)

    form, structure, frame



    uniform (sports, military)

  • состоя́ние

    the state (the condition of somethings existence)


  • век


    age / epoch, era, for ages, lifetime

  • пое́хать

    to go somewhere (in a vehicle)

    to go for a ride, go for a drive

  • вперёд

    forward, ahead, in the future, henceforward, henceforth, in advance, to come

    to the front

  • судьба́

    fate, fortune, destiny

  • звать

    to call (someone a name)

    to call (for someone or something)

    to invite

  • бы́вший

    former, late, quondam, ex-

  • прийти́сь

    have to, to come

    be fit for

  • пре́жний

    former, previous


  • па́ра

    couple (human)

    couple (pair)

    two-hour lecture (e.g. for a university or college class)

  • класс

    class, form, class-room

  • пре́жде

    before, first, formerly, in former times

  • чужо́й

    strange, foreign

    somebody else's, another person's

  • сча́стье

    happiness, luck, good fortune

  • вы́звать

    to call, to send for

    to challenge, to defy

    to summon

    to arouse, to cause, to evoke, to excite

  • попроси́ть

    request, ask for

  • со́рок


  • прави́ло

    (hunters jargon) tail / brush of an animal

    straightener, reversing rod, strickle (for sharpening scythes)

    rudder, helm (rudder)

  • впервы́е

    for the first time, first

  • прости́ть

    to excuse to forgive to pardon

  • дед

    grandfather, old man, forefathers

  • лоб


  • при́шлый



  • вызыва́ть

    cause, call, challenge, summon, provoke, call forth, give rise, stir up, excite, rouse, arouse



  • зато́

    for it, in return

    but (for all that), on the other hand

  • и́бо



  • во́йско

    army, forces, troops

  • ра́ди

    for the sake of

  • поня́тно

    it is clear, naturally, of course, clearly, plainly, forcibly, perspicuously

  • заста́вить

    to force, make, compel

    cram, fill, block up, obstruct

  • наве́рно

    probably, most likely, for sure, certainly, for a certainty

  • лечь

    lie down, go to bed


  • образова́ние



  • разда́ться

    to give way for a free space (example a crowd broke out and everyone moved through)

    expand or get thicker

    to sound unexpectedly

  • тяну́ть

    pull, draw, haul, drag

    drag out, delay, protract, procrastinate

    be attracted to

    lay (a cable), draw (a wire)

    draw up

    drawl, drag out, speak slowly

    make someone go, force to go


  • отпусти́ть

    let go, let off, set free, release, give leave, supply, serve, grow, let grow, slacken, turn loose, loosen, remit, forgive, temper, draw

  • означа́ть



    stand for

  • вне́шний

    outward also foreign policy

  • отпра́вить

    send, forward, dispatch, post, mail, perform, exercise

  • зря

    in vain, to no purpose, for nothing

  • броса́ть

    throw, hurl, fling, chuck, throw about, cast, dart, abandon, forsake, relinquish, give up, leave off

  • иностра́нный


  • выступа́ть

    step forth, step forward

    oppose publicly

    perform, make a presentation, make a speech

    protrude, jut out, stand out

    set out, march off

  • стро́ить

    to build, construct

    to make, construct

    to form, draw up (military)

  • строи́ть

    to connect in 3 strands (yarn, string, etc.)

    to plough a field for the third time

  • наверняка́

    for sure, certainly


  • погляде́ть

    have a look, look for a while

  • навсегда́

    forever, for good

  • найти́сь

    be found, turn up, find the right word to say, find the right thing to do, be, walk for a long time, tire oneself by walking

  • жале́ть


    feel sorry for, pity

    spare, save

  • вы́нужденный

    forced / compelled

    perforce / of necessity

  • забыва́ть

    to forget

    to leave behind

  • оконча́тельно

    finally, once and for all

  • строй

    order, system

    formation (system) / structure

  • глухо́й

    deaf adj

    muffled, flat, toneless, dull, indistinct

    unvoiced, voiceless

    out-of-the-way, remote, god-forsaken



  • заставля́ть

    force, compel, make

    cram, fill, block up, obstruct

  • буква́льно

    literally, word for word

  • о́рден

    decoration for achievement

  • лесно́й

    (relational) forest, wood

    (relational) timber (BE) / lumber (AE)

  • дожда́ться

    to wait until, to wait for a long time

    to end

  • предупреди́ть

    warn, forewarn, give advance notice, tell beforehand, anticipate

  • поки́нуть

    leave, abandon, desert, forsake

  • гро́зный

    terrible, formidable, redoubtable

    menacing, threatening, stern, ferocious

  • посиде́ть

    sit (for a while)

  • не́когда

    there is no time

    once, in former times, in the old days