Russian Dictionary
Мы стреми́мся к ми́ру. 🕊️

on russian

  • в

    in, at, on, within

    to, into, for

  • на

    on (place)

    on (day/week)

    on (means of transport)

    to (direction)

    onto, upon (direction), against (something)

    at (location)


  • тот

    that, that one, those, the other

  • по

    along, down, through, across

    about, under, for

    by the means of, on

    hit or punch somewhere

    after a certain age

    to (indicating to the end or limit of an object)

    on the subject of, on

  • за


    at (location)

    at (direction)

    for (in support of)

    for (mistake for)

    for (reason)

    for (duration)

    following after, chasing after

    over (a certain age)

    beyond, on the far side of

    out of (location)

  • о




    against, over

  • то́лько


    just, simply

  • себя́

    oneself, ourselves, yourselves, himself, herself, itself, yourself, myself, themselves

  • свой

    one's own (reflexive)

  • сам

    ourselves, yourself, oneself, yourselves, himself, herself, itself, themselves

  • раз




    since, if

  • пото́м

    afterwards, then, later on, later

  • сейча́с

    now, just now

    soon, right now

    at once

  • мо́жно

    one can (it is possible)

    one may (it is allowed)

  • про́сто

    it is simple, it is easy, simply

    just, just only, only

  • никто́

    nobody, no one

  • над

    above, over



  • пойти́

    (will) go on foot

    (will) walk

  • сра́зу

    immediately, at once

  • оказа́ться

    turn out to be, prove to be

    to find oneself, to be found

  • лишь

    only, as soon as, merely, just

  • вообще́

    in general, generally

    always, usually

    altogether, on the whole

    at all


  • любо́й

    any, every, anyone, either

    whichever one wants

  • нельзя́

    one cannot, you can't, it's impossible

    one should not, it is not allowed, one must not (it is prohibited / forbidden)

  • лес

    woods, forest

    timber, lumber (singular only)

    scaffolding, (plural only)

    much, many (figurative)

  • вести́

    to lead, conduct, direct

    to behave (oneself)

    to keep a diary

    to drive

    be engaged

  • продолжа́ть

    to continue, go on, proceed, extend, prolong

    to keep on

  • пройти́


    get to, go to, reach

    make one's way, be held (go)

    be held (event)

  • со́бственный

    one's own, peculiar, proper

    (algebra) eigen-

  • поста́вить

    to put, place, set, stand, station

    to apply, put on

    to put on stage, stage, produce, present (play)

    to raise (a question)

    to deliver, supply, furnish, market

  • ви́дно

    evidently, obviously, apparently, probably, one can see

    it is visible, conspicuous

    one is outstanding, eminent, prominent

  • откры́ть

    to open, to unbar, to turn on

    to disclose / to reveal, to unveil, to inaugurate

    to discover, to explore

  • происходи́ть

    to happen, occur, take place, be going on, go on, come

    to derive, descend, originate, be descended

    to arise, result, spring

  • домо́й

    homeward, home, to one's home

  • попа́сть

    to get, get caught (under st), come upon, find oneself in, hit upon

    to hit (a target)

  • но́мер

    number, size, room, issue, item on the programme, turn, trick

  • еди́нственный

    only, sole, the only

  • едва́

    hardly, only just, scarcely, just, barely

  • одна́жды

    one day

  • бли́зкий



    loved ones

  • игра́

    play, acting, performance, playing, game online

  • звезда́


    famous person

    name of service module on the International Space Station

  • называ́ться

    to be called, be named, assume the name

    to identify oneself, to give out one's name

  • разгова́ривать

    speak, talk, converse, be on speaking terms

  • зато́

    for it, in return

    but (for all that), on the other hand

  • горе́ть

    to be burning, on fire

    to be lit

  • держа́ться

    keep, keep oneself

    to hold

  • ста́вить

    to put, place

    to set

    to bet, wager

    to put on stage, present, produce, stage (a play)

    to implicate, raise

    to raise (question), put

  • собра́ться

    to gather, assemble

    to be going to, intend to, make up one's mind, to be about to

    to prepare, to be ready to start, to set out

  • нача́ло

    beginning, commencement, start, onset

    source, origin

    (plu) principles, basis, basics

    command, authority

  • кусо́к

    piece, bit, lump, cake, slice

    grand (one thousand of some currency)

  • неме́дленно

    immediately, at once

  • бро́ситься

    throw oneself, rush, throw at each other, disdain

  • отпра́виться

    to depart, to set off, make, betake oneself, proceed


  • разли́чный

    different (not the same one)

    various, diverse, different

  • наоборо́т

    on the contrary, inside out, back to front, the wrong way, vice-versa

  • яви́ться

    to appear, to show up, present oneself, report (in person)

  • вы́держать

    to hold out, bear, sustain, stand, endure, contain oneself, keep to mature, season

  • наступи́ть

    to step on

    to arrive (in time), come (in time), set in, begin

    to attack, advance

  • све́рху

    from above, from top, on top

  • торча́ть

    protrude, jut out, stick out, be seen, stand on end, bristle

    be stuck, hang about, stick around

  • вариа́нт

    version (revision, edition of a work)

    idea (personal take on a concept)



  • полтора́

    one and a half

  • пусти́ть

    let, allow

    set in motion, put in action, set working

    shoot, loose

    turn on

    let go

  • напро́тив

    opposite, in front of, on the contrary

  • перейти́

    get across, get over, cross, get, pass on, pass, turn, move on

    convert, click, switch

  • боле́ть

    be ill

    be sick

    be painful

    to cheer on

  • то́тчас

    immediately, at once, instantly

  • найти́сь

    be found, turn up, find the right word to say, find the right thing to do, be, walk for a long time, tire oneself by walking

  • отлича́ться

    differ, be notable, distinguish oneself, excel, cause a stir, make an exhibition of oneself

    rise to the top, good enough

  • обо

    about (used only with first person prepositional case pronoun)

    a variant of "о" and "об"


  • поле́зть

    start to climb

    reach (into)

    go (online)

  • сходи́ть

    to go down

    get off of or leave a vehicle at its stop or to deviate ones path

    to come off of something(usually a surface)

    to stop being used in the public eye

    to pass as someone or something

    to be sufficient

  • оконча́тельно

    finally, once and for all

  • измени́ть

    change, alter, vary

    cheat (on someone), betray

  • состоя́ться

    to take place or to be held

    to assert oneself to a certain quality or to establish oneself

  • свято́й

    saint, holy one

  • слы́шно

    one can hear

    it is audible, audibly

    they say, it is said, it is rumored

  • включи́ть

    turn on, to include

  • борт

    aboard, side, coat-breast, lapel, cushion

    on board

  • е́ле

    barely, hardly, only just, scarcely

  • тяну́ться

    reach, reach out, stretch, stretch out, extend, stretch oneself, strive

    drag on, crawl, wear on, hang heavy, move slowly, drift

    try to equal, try to deep up, imitate, move one after the other, follow each other

  • страсть

    passion, obsession

    strong love between people

    religion, plural only horror, suffering

  • скрыва́ть

    hide, conceal, keep to oneself, cover

  • спра́ва

    on the right

    from the right

  • продолжа́ться

    continue, last, go on, be in progress

  • заня́ться

    set - busy oneself

    take up

  • специа́льно

    intentionally, on purpose

    specially, especially

  • сле́ва

    on the left

    from the left

  • рассчи́тывать

    count on, depend on, rely on, expect

    calculate, estimate

    dismiss, sack, lay off

  • малы́ш

    small child, youngster, kiddy, little one, little man

  • попа́дать

    to fall one after the other

  • попада́ть

    to hit (a target), enter

    to get, find oneself, fetch up, hit upon

  • отдыха́ть

    rest, be resting, be on holiday

  • переходи́ть

    get across, get over, cross, get, pass on, pass, turn

    convert, click, switch

  • наступа́ть

    step on

    arrive (in time), come (in time), set in, begin

    attack, advance

    to be

  • не́когда

    there is no time

    once, in former times, in the old days

  • заме́тно

    it is noticeable, one can see, noticeably, appreciably

  • вы́рваться

    break loose or tear oneself away, burst

  • дежу́рный

    on duty person adj