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  • на

    on, upon, on to, in, at, to, towards, by, with, for, worth, into, here, here you are, take it

  • по

    on, along, by, according to, through, in, at, to, up to

  • от

    from, away from, of, to, for

  • для

    for, to, on the occasion of

  • до

    to, before, up to

  • под

    hearth, sole, under, occupied by, for, in the environs of, of, towards, on the ever of, close on, to, in imitation

  • пе́ред

    before, in front of, to, compared to, front, fore-part

  • к

    to, towards, for, by

  • про́тив

    against, opposite, facing, contrary to, to, as against

  • в

    in, at, into, to, for, on, within

  • чтоб


  • ко

    to, towards, by, for


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