Russian Dictionary
Мы стреми́мся к ми́ру. 🕊️

out russian

  • из

    from (the inside of)

    out of

  • за


    at (location)

    at (direction)

    for (in support of)

    for (mistake for)

    for (reason)

    for (duration)

    following after, chasing after

    over (a certain age)

    beyond, on the far side of

    out of (location)

  • вы́йти

    leave, go out, get out

    be published, be issued

    to marry (him)

  • оказа́ться

    turn out to be, prove to be

    to find oneself, to be found

  • узна́ть

    know, recognize, discover, recognise

    find out

    get to know

  • гляде́ть

    look, peer, show, face, look out, give, point, look like, see

  • брать

    to take (out of)

    have something out of

  • выходи́ть

    go out, come out, leave

    use up, run out of

    get married

    be published, be issued

  • вели́кий


    Outstanding in its significance in its merits

  • ви́дно

    evidently, obviously, apparently, probably, one can see

    it is visible, conspicuous

    one is outstanding, eminent, prominent

  • результа́т

    result, outcome

  • уда́ться

    turn out well, work well, succeed

    manage to, be able to

  • худо́й

    lean, skinny, thin, emaciated

    bad, worn out

  • провести́


    conduct, carry out, implement

    lead, escort, show


    make, draw

    run, lay

  • ока́зываться

    turn out to be, be found, prove to be, appear

    be in some location

  • получи́ться

    to come in, to arrive

    to result, succeed

    (impersonal) to prove, to turn out

    (impersonal) to work out well, to manage

  • вон

    out, there, over there

  • вы́ход

    exit, way out, leaving, withdrawal


    solution (way out)

  • протяну́ть

    to hand, to hold out, stretch out, to reach, to draw

  • называ́ться

    to be called, be named, assume the name

    to identify oneself, to give out one's name

  • обнару́жить

    discover, find out, find, detect, reveal, spot

  • вы́глядеть

    to look (like), appear, seem

    to look, find, discover, spy out

  • получа́ться


    be obtained

    happen, turn out

  • собра́ться

    to gather, assemble

    to be going to, intend to, make up one's mind, to be about to

    to prepare, to be ready to start, to set out

  • пикни́к

    picnic, outing

  • приду́мать

    think, come up with, devise, invent, to figure it out

    come up (with), make

  • вы́тащить

    take out, drag out, pull out, extract, fish out, steal, pinch

  • открыва́ть

    open, clear, uncover, bare, inaugurate, discover, let out, reveal

  • наоборо́т

    on the contrary, inside out, back to front, the wrong way, vice-versa

  • ой

    oh / ow, ah, outsch

    reinforcing (what, such)

  • вы́брать

    choose, select, pick out, elect, take out

    elect or select

  • разда́ться

    to give way for a free space (example a crowd broke out and everyone moved through)

    expand or get thicker

    to sound unexpectedly

  • ди́кий

    wild, barbarous, savage, shy, unsociable, strange, queer, preposterous, outrageous

  • тяну́ть

    pull, draw, haul, drag

    drag out, delay, protract, procrastinate

    be attracted to

    lay (a cable), draw (a wire)

    draw up

    drawl, drag out, speak slowly

    make someone go, force to go


  • вы́держать

    to hold out, bear, sustain, stand, endure, contain oneself, keep to mature, season

  • поступи́ть

    enter, join, matriculate, enroll

    do, carry out, complete an action

  • вне́шний

    outward also foreign policy

  • торча́ть

    protrude, jut out, stick out, be seen, stand on end, bristle

    be stuck, hang about, stick around

  • лезть

    to climb, to get into

    to crawl, to scramble

    meddle, butt-in

    to fall out (hair or fur), come out

  • выступа́ть

    step forth, step forward

    oppose publicly

    perform, make a presentation, make a speech

    protrude, jut out, stand out

    set out, march off

  • вы́нуть

    remove, take out, pull out, extract, draw

  • разобра́ться

    figure out, deal with

    break down, take apart

  • вы́скочить

    to pop out, leap out, spring out, dart out, fall out, drop out

  • выполня́ть

    to carry out execute implement or realise

    to make or create

  • отдава́ть

    return, give back, give out, give

    realize, realise

    to reveal (to "give away")

  • вы́дать

    to issue, give out

    reveal, give up


    pretend (to be someone), impersonate

  • вы́пустить

    let out


  • прода́ть

    sell, sell out

  • отойти́

    to go away, go back, move, move aside

    to withdraw, fall back

    to go away temporarily

    to come around, to come back to normal

    to go out of fashion

  • вы́полнить

    implement, accomplish, carry into effect, realize

    fulfill, carry out, execute, perform

  • глухо́й

    deaf adj

    muffled, flat, toneless, dull, indistinct

    unvoiced, voiceless

    out-of-the-way, remote, god-forsaken



  • взрыв

    explosion, outburst, burst

  • тяну́ться

    reach, reach out, stretch, stretch out, extend, stretch oneself, strive

    drag on, crawl, wear on, hang heavy, move slowly, drift

    try to equal, try to deep up, imitate, move one after the other, follow each other

  • вы́вести

    take out, lead out, help out, make go out, turn out, withdraw, call off, remove, extirpate, destroy, exterminate, conclude, infer, depict, portray, grow, raise, hatch

  • замеча́тельный

    remarkable, splendid, wonderful, outstanding

  • устро́йство

    device, organization, equipment, facilities, device, system, lay-out

  • выбира́ть

    choose, select, pick out, elect, take out

  • вы́ясниться

    to turn out, to come out, to come to light

    become clear

  • сообрази́ть

    figure out

  • указа́ть

    show, indicate, give instructions, explain

    point, point out


  • и́зо


    out of

  • пое́здка


    trip, journey, excursion, outing, tour

  • вали́ть

    bring down

    get out, leave

    pile, stack

    lay, heap

  • сдать

    rent out, let out

    take an exam, pass an exam

    rat out, turn in to the authorities

    give, distribute, donate

    hand over, give up, surrender

  • вы́яснить

    To figure out find out, find, determine

    reflexive version means to be found out or to turn out to be

  • вы́нести

    to carry out, take out, bring out, remove

    to transfer

    to get, acquire

    to submit

    to pass, render, pronounce (verdict or decision)

    to endure, bear, sustain, stand

  • продава́ть

    sell, sell out

  • нали́ть

    pour out, fill, pour

  • вы́ступить

    to step forth, step forward

    to protrude, jut out, stand out

    to set out, march off

    to perform, make a presentation, make a speech

    to oppose publicly

    to advocate for

  • пропусти́ть

    miss (out)

    let pass / let go past, make way, let through, let in

    skip, omit, leave out

  • производи́ть

    produce, generate

    execute, carry out, implement

  • вы́браться

    get out from somewhere

  • подобра́ть

    pick up, tuck up, sort out, select, glean

  • сложи́ться

    turn out, happen

    get, have, form

  • потяну́ться

    reach, reach out, stretch, stretch out, extend, stretch oneself, strive

    drag on, crawl, wear on, hang heavy, move slowly, drift

    try to equal, try to deep up, imitate, move one after the other, follow each other

  • выпуска́ть

    release, let out, set free


    put out, turn out

  • вы́бросить

    throw out, reject, discard, release

  • потяну́ть

    pull, draw, haul, drag, lay, drawl, drag out, delay, protract, procrastinate, make go, weigh, draw up, squeeze, extort



  • разобра́ть


    disassemble, dismantle, take to pieces, pull down, demolish, sort out, look, investigate, discuss, parse, analyse, make out, try to make out, read, be fastidious

  • исключи́ть

    exclude, except, rule out, eliminate, expel, strike off


  • вне

    out of, outside, off

  • разгляде́ть

    make out, discern, descry, perceive

  • заме́тный

    noticeable, visible, evident, appreciable, outstanding

  • вы́ставить

    to put out, stick out, expose

    to put forward, bring forward, place in front

    to propose, suggest

    to flaunt, to show off

  • подвести́

    to bring (closer by guiding and/or directing)

    to place (under)

    to support (with)

    to group together

    to suggest

    to let down

    to pencil, outline

  • отре́зать

    cut off, snip off, snap out, cut short

  • отреза́ть

    cut off, snip off, snap out, cut short

  • посторо́нний

    strange, outside

    outsider, stranger

  • вы́тянуть

    draw out, extract, pull out

    stretch out

    hold out

  • рвать

    rip, tear

    pick, pull out

    vomit, throw up, be sick

  • сообража́ть

    think clearly, figure out, understand

  • вспы́хнуть

    blaze up, take fire, break out, flash, flare up, blush, flush

  • рассмея́ться

    begin to laugh burst out laughing

  • проду́кция

    production, produce, output

  • наря́д

    outfit, costume, attire, apparel, finery

    order, warrant, detail, duty detail, duty, military outfit

  • вы́делить

    allocate, pick out, choose, single out, allot, ear-mark, detach, find, provide, apportion, mark out, distinguish, secrete, excrete, discharge, exude, educe, isolate


  • заложи́ть


    lay, create, establish


    rat-out, betray

    plant, put

  • вы́лезть

    come out, climb out, scramble out, crawl out, get out, alight, fall out

  • перспекти́ва

    perspective / prospect, outlook, vista

  • вы́слушать

    listen to, hear out