Russian Dictionary
Мы стреми́мся к ми́ру. 🕊️

Of russian

  • на

    on (place)

    on (day/week)

    on (means of transport)

    to (direction)

    onto, upon (direction), against (something)

    at (location)


  • с




    off, remove from


  • по

    along, down, through, across

    about, under, for

    by the means of, on

    hit or punch somewhere

    after a certain age

    to (indicating to the end or limit of an object)

    on the subject of, on

  • из

    from (the inside of)

    out of

  • за


    at (location)

    at (direction)

    for (in support of)

    for (mistake for)

    for (reason)

    for (duration)

    following after, chasing after

    over (a certain age)

    beyond, on the far side of

    out of (location)

  • от

    from (away)

    from (part of a whole)

    from (cause)

    from (distance)

    from (someone)

    from (range)

    for, against a purpose


  • о




    against, over

  • тако́й

    such, so, that sort of

    be like this, as, be

  • како́й

    which, what, what kind of

  • для

    for (the benefit of)


  • стать


    character, type

    points of a horse

    need, necessity

  • чём

    Prepositional of 'что'

  • при



    in the presence of

    in the time of


  • ме́сто

    place, spot, site, locality

    region, area

    site, scene

    room, space

    job, position

    piece of luggage

  • ведь

    you know (colloquial) in fact

    Given that

    Logical conclusion

    Emphasis of a known fact

  • вдруг

    suddenly, all of a sudden, in case

  • пе́ред

    in front of



  • взять

    to take

    to pick, to borrow, to choose (from)

    to grab, to get hold of

    to hire

  • коне́чно


    of course

  • уви́деть

    see (to catch sight of)

  • ряд

    row, line, tier

    file, rank


    a number of, several

  • мно́го



    a lot of, plenty of

  • пра́вда



    sure enough, indeed, actually, as a matter of fact

    though, however, but, admittedly

  • боя́ться

    to be afraid, dread, fear

    constant state of fear from something or someone

  • брать

    to take, to get

    to pick, to borrow, to choose (from)

    to grab, get hold of

    to hire

  • выходи́ть

    go out, come out, leave

    use up, run out of

    get married

    be published, be issued

  • хозя́ин

    owner, proprietor

    landlord, head of household

    boss, master, chief, principal, manager, hirer, employer

    man, husband

    (computers) host, master

  • бро́сить

    to throw

    to send urgently

    to give up, to quit, to leave off

    to abandon, to forsake

  • вро́де

    seem, think, like, sort of, kind of

  • ли́чный

    personal (of a given person), private

    (grammar) personal

  • поря́док

    order of magnitude

    order, sequence

    order, procedure, manner, way, form

    order, regime, system

    (plural) customs, usages, observances

  • нос

    nose, beak, head, prow

    bow of a ship

  • состоя́ние

    the state (the condition of somethings existence)

    fortune, capital

  • ча́сто

    often, frequently

    closely together, thickly

  • коро́ткий

    short (often length or duration)

  • па́ртия

    party, detachment, group, set

    batch (e.g. of drugs), lot

    game, match

  • речь

    speech, enunciation, style of speaking, language, discourse, oration, address

  • команди́р

    commander, commanding officer, captain

  • далеко́

    far, it is far, it is a long way, far off, a long way off, a great distance away

  • проходи́ть

    to pass, go to, to walk

    to host, take place

    (time) to pass, to elapse, to go by

    (meeting, gathering) to go off, to be held

    to study


  • снять

    to take off (clothes), remove

    to rent (apartment)

    to take a photograph, make a video

    to take (picture(s)), make (video(s))

    to shoot

  • слу́жба

    service, work

    office, department, branch


  • вме́сто

    instead of

  • привести́

    to bring (someone with)

    to lead (of a road)

    to result, to lead, to bring

    (mathematics) to reduce

    to quote, to cite, to list

  • предложи́ть




  • кабине́т

    office, suite, cabinet


  • коле́но

    knee, elbow, joint, node, bend, generation, tribe, figure, part of a piece of music or a song

  • принести́

    to bring (by foot), to fetch

    to yield, to bear

    to offer (apologies, thanks, etc)

  • вся́кий

    every type of, every sort of, any type of, any sort of, all sorts of

  • до́ктор

    doctor of Philosophy, doctor, physician

  • ме́стный

    local, of a place

  • бой

    beating, breakage

    battle, combat, engagement

    fight, fighting, struggle

    striking (of a clock)

  • ладо́нь

    palm (of the hand)

  • остально́й

    the rest of, the rest, the others

  • отда́ть

    to give back, to return

    to give away, to hand over, to give up, to give over

    to send

    to devote

    to cast (anchor)

    to recoil (of a gun)

  • о́бласть

    area province region

    sphere field (area of knowledge)

  • исче́знуть

    disappear, vanish, wear off

  • офице́р


  • деся́ток

    dozen, decade

    ten (set of ten)

  • прави́ло

    (hunters jargon) tail / brush of an animal

    straightener, reversing rod, strickle (for sharpening scythes)

    rudder, helm (rudder)

  • во́рот

    collar (of a shirt)

  • лист

    sheet of paper

    document, certificate, deed, list

  • лист

    leaf (of a plant)

  • до́лгий

    long, of long duration

  • звезда́


    famous person

    name of service module on the International Space Station

  • мини́стр

    Minister, Secretary, Secretary of State

  • ра́ди

    for the sake of

  • поня́тно

    it is clear, naturally, of course, clearly, plainly, forcibly, perspicuously

  • США

    United States of America (USA)

  • несмотря́

    despite, in spite of

  • курс

    course, policy, rate of exchange

  • кусо́к

    piece, bit, lump, cake, slice

    grand (one thousand of some currency)

  • разуме́ться

    to be meant, be understood, taken to mean, be self-evident, be obvious

    Of course

  • тро́е

    three of ...

  • СССР

    USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics), Soviet Union

  • отпра́виться

    to depart, to set off, make, betake oneself, proceed


  • предлага́ть

    suggest, propose, offer

  • снима́ть

    to take off (clothes), remove

    to rent (apartment)

    to take a photograph, make a video

    to take, make

    to take away, take down

    to film

  • есте́ственно

    naturally of course

  • закры́ть

    to close, to shut, to shut off, to turn off, to shut down, to close down

    to cover, to hide

  • сотру́дник

    collaborator, employee, official

  • по́льзоваться

    make use of, profit, enjoy, use

  • спе́шить


    Get off


  • разме́р


    dimensions, measure, magnitude of things

  • состоя́ть

    consist, be, be made, include

    be made up of

  • Аме́рика

    America, USA, US, United States, United States of America

  • насчёт

    as regards, concerning, about, of

  • отме́тить

    mark, note, mark off, mention, register


  • отпусти́ть

    let go, let off, set free, release, give leave, supply, serve, grow, let grow, slacken, turn loose, loosen, remit, forgive, temper, draw

  • поко́й

    rest (state of calm and silence with lack of movement)

  • вариа́нт

    version (revision, edition of a work)

    idea (personal take on a concept)



  • же́ртва

    victim, sacrifice offering

  • чино́вник

    official, functionary, bureaucrat

  • ва́жно

    it is important, with an air of importance, with a consequential air, grandly

  • внеза́пно

    suddenly, all of a sudden

  • напро́тив

    opposite, in front of, on the contrary

  • броса́ть

    throw, hurl, fling, chuck, throw about, cast, dart, abandon, forsake, relinquish, give up, leave off

  • преступле́ние

    crime, offence, felony

  • про́чий

    other, remaining, the rest of

  • мно́жество

    tons of