Russian Dictionary
Мы стреми́мся к ми́ру. 🕊️

I russian

  • в

    in, at, on, within

    to, into, for

  • быть

    to be

    (present tense) 'есть' - there is, there are

    has been

  • по

    along, down, through, across

    about, under, for

    by the means of, on

    hit or punch somewhere

    after a certain age

    to (indicating to the end or limit of an object)

    on the subject of, on

  • э́то

    this is

    that is


  • из

    from (the inside of)

    out of

  • за


    at (location)

    at (direction)

    for (in support of)

    for (mistake for)

    for (reason)

    for (duration)

    following after, chasing after

    over (a certain age)

    beyond, on the far side of

    out of (location)

  • себя́

    oneself, ourselves, yourselves, himself, herself, itself, yourself, myself, themselves

  • вот

    here, there, there is

  • знать

    know, be aware, be acquainted, it seems

  • е́сли


    subject to

  • нет



    not any, there isn't (any)

  • большо́й

    big, large, great, important, grown-up

  • под




    to go down/below

    to go/put under something

    (impression, affection)

    over, for

  • что́бы

    so that

    in order to

  • сам

    ourselves, yourself, oneself, yourselves, himself, herself, itself, themselves

  • есть

    there is, there are, eats

  • раз




    since, if

  • ли

    whether, if

  • при



    in the presence of

    in the time of


  • на́до


    it is necessary

  • стоя́ть

    to stand (in a vertical position)


  • мо́жно

    one can (it is possible)

    one may (it is allowed)

  • че́рез

    across, over, at


    through, using

    in (time) (no more than)

  • ду́мать

    think, consider, reflect, ponder, believe, intend

  • здесь

    here, with us, in this country, about it, in it, at this point

  • спроси́ть

    ask, inquire, demand

  • ведь

    in fact, after all, you know

    indeed, isn`t it

  • про́сто

    it is simple, it is easy, simply

    just, just only, only

  • вдруг

    suddenly, all of a sudden, in case

  • пе́ред

    in front of +instrumental case


    to + instrumental case

  • пока́

    while, in the meantime

    bye (informal)

    until, until now

    so far

  • хорошо́

    it is good, it is pleasant, well, good

  • си́ла

    power, might, strength, force

    vigor, vigour, intensity

    energy, efficacy, ability

  • слу́чай

    case or occasion, chance, opportunity, event, incident, occurrence

  • сра́зу

    immediately, at once

  • вы́йти

    leave, go out, get out

    be published, be issued

    to marry (him)

  • вопро́с


    matter, issue


  • дать

    give, allocate


    Let (inform)

  • ме́жду




  • гла́вный

    main, chief, principal, head, leading

    central, head, senior

    core, important thing

  • мину́та

    minute, moment, instant

  • пра́вда



    sure enough, indeed, actually, as a matter of fact

    though, however, but, admittedly

  • бу́дто

    as if, as though

  • и́менно

    exactly, namely, to wit, that is, just

  • лежа́ть

    to lie (in a horizontal position)

    to be situated

    to rest, be incumbent

  • вообще́

    in general, generally

    always, usually

    altogether, on the whole

    at all


  • по́мнить

    to remember, recollect, keep in mind

  • сло́вно

    as if like

  • наконе́ц

    finally, at last

    at length

    in conclusion

  • быва́ть

    to be to happen to be to exist to meet (to be caught) usually with negation

    used as farewell greeting

    Visit someone something spend some time there(Per)

    Stay for some time in some state(position)(Per)

    Participate in something for a while(Per)

  • про́шлый

    in the past, bygone

    last, yester-

  • нельзя́

    one cannot, you can't, it's impossible

    one should not, it is not allowed, one must not (it is prohibited / forbidden)

  • пора́

    it is time to

    it is necessary to

  • сесть

    to sit down

    to be imprisoned

    to die (battery)

  • высо́кий


    high (altitude,intensity,pitch etc.)

    great (favorable, approving, good), selfless, noble

    lofty / elevated

  • хоте́ться

    (impersonal) to like, desire


  • поэ́тому

    that is why, therefore, so

  • це́лый

    whole, entire

    intact, safe


  • язы́к



    prisoner, informer

  • среди́

    among, amongst, amidst, in the middle

  • успе́ть

    to have time, in time

    to manage, to succeed

    to arrive in time (for)

    to catch

  • о́браз

    shape, form

    appearance, look, image

    style, type


    way, mode, manner


  • отноше́ние

    attitude-an opinion toward something or someone

    relations-interactions and interconnections between people organizations communities

  • де́вушка

    girl, lass

    miss (informal)


  • забы́ть

    to forget

    to neglect

    to leave, forget to bring or take

    to let it go, let it slip

  • выходи́ть

    go out, come out, leave

    use up, run out of

    get married

    be published, be issued

  • подня́ть

    to lift, raise, lift up, heave, pick up

    to increase

  • спра́шивать

    to ask, inquire

    to demand

  • вели́кий


    Outstanding in its significance in its merits

  • наприме́р

    for example, for instance

  • действи́тельно

    really, actually, indeed

  • равно́

    is indifferent, alike, in like manner, nor



  • войти́

    enter, go in, come in, include

  • гото́вый

    ready, prepared

    ready, inclined, willing

    finished, readymade

  • явля́ться

    to be

    to form, to form part

    to report in person, turn up, appear

  • ви́дно

    evidently, obviously, apparently, probably, one can see

    it is visible, conspicuous

    one is outstanding, eminent, prominent

  • ве́рить

    to believe, trust

    to believe in, have faith in

  • си́льный

    strong, powerful, fierce, keen, intense, violent, towering, potent, impressive, hard, heavy, good

  • ра́зве

    perhaps, unless, isn't it so/true, is it so/true

    indeed, really

  • ти́хо

    quietly, it is calm, it is quiet, softly, gently, faintly, silently

    calmly, peacefully


  • ино́й

    different not the same as in another option or choice

  • просто́й

    stand-by, downtime, idle period

  • откры́ть

    to open, to unbar, to turn on

    to disclose / to reveal, to unveil, to inaugurate

    to discover, to explore

  • губа́

    lip, inlet, bay, firth, tree-fungus

  • ли́бо


    either...or (in terms like 'либо .., либо')

    any- / some- (in words combined with '-либо')

  • собира́ться

    to gather, assemble

    to be going (leaving) to, intend to, to mean

    to get ready

  • показа́ться

    to appear, to come in sight

    to show up, to turn up

    to seem

  • попа́сть

    to get, get caught (under st), come upon, find oneself in, hit upon

    to hit (a target)

  • случи́ться

    to happen, occur

    to come about (с + instrumental)

  • пое́хать

    to go somewhere (in a vehicle)

    to go for a ride, go for a drive

  • но́мер

    number, size, room, issue, item on the programme, turn, trick

  • де́йствие

    action, activity, operation, act

    effect, influence, impact

    efficacy, valitity

  • необходи́мый

    necessary, indispensable, essential


  • вперёд

    forward, ahead, in the future, henceforward, henceforth, in advance, to come

    to the front

  • занима́ться

    be engaged in an activity

    practice an existing skill (like sports)

    study (in a small area)


  • ника́к

    in no way

  • тёмный

    dark, obscure, shady


  • звать

    to call (someone a name)

    to call (for someone or something)

    to invite

  • далеко́

    far, it is far, it is a long way, far off, a long way off, a great distance away

  • докуме́нт

    document, deed, instrument